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A Frightful Introduction!

Literally while I was about to start typing I looked out of my window to see a fierce cat leaping into our garden body oustreched and bounding after a poor big rabbit sitting in our garden ,chewing on grass minding it’s own buisness.  Do cat’s attack rabbits? I know cat’s are predators and that they are the killers but aren’t rabbits a little too big for them to kill? The rabbit tore off  like there was no tomorrow, poor thing.

Hello, bonjour, hola.  I jsut wanna say hi. What else should I say here? I love to read, write, draw (though I’m not great at all, I draw like a 10 year old ), watch TV, you know all sorts!


About changeoursociety

Hello ppl! I'm a teen writer who REALLY wants to be a writer. I like to read books and just generally be creative. Please note that the gravatar thing is by the company gorjuss which (as the name suggests) has gorgeous cards, notebooks,necklaces ect.

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