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Do We Stop Living?

One of the massive curiosities about people playing video games, they want a realistic experience when they shoot a virtual person. In today’s world the standard is high to make the quality of games and the quality of the screen the games  are played on as high as possible, but will it stop these people living?

That stereotypical weakling of a nerd can lift a gun and shoot an advancing enemy with a tap of a key  but in reality he would crumple to the ground at the weight of the gun nevermind hit the enemy. Probably one of the reasons that they have such enjoyment in playing very physical games because it allows them to be able to do things they wouldn’t be able to do in real life.

You can ‘play’ a match of tennis ect. ect. but you spend half an hour playing a virtual game when you could be having the adrenaline, the happiness of playing a real match of tennis under the warm sun instead of being crouched over in a dark cave like vampires.

There are similar problems with games like Tiny Tower, desperately realising we have to check x, y and z and thinking about it like it’s a real buisness but of course it’s not and what will it all lead to? Collecting a hoard of money until you get bored, until you’re done with all the goals? If it were a real buisness you would be able to live a real life more comfortably.

Productivity and creativity can flow from so many other places in the real world. You don’t see old  landscape paintings of a hunched backed obese creature with pale skin and dark circles around its eyes , eyes which are glued to a screen in a dark room filled with televisions and no life forms apart from that creature.



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