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Marina and the Diamonds had a very controversial style of music when she released her first album, Family Jewels but many worry her new album Electra Heart is just too mainstream. I’m going to explain to you why this is not completely true and why in Marina’s case it works.

  1. FIrstly Marina’s songwriting is key and so the sound wasn’t really her main focus in the Album Interview she said ‘My writing’s definitely autobiographical. I think that’s the only reason I write. If for example other people wrote my songs and I didn’t have the chance to write the lyrics, I don’t think I’d even bother being a singer.I think that’s the only thing that attracted me to music…’
  2. She allowed others have control of her music because she was unhappy writing music on her own so it was a personal benefit to her. This also meant she could focus more on her lyrics.
  3. In some cases it deceives you, seeing the title of ‘Sex, yeah’ I was prompted to think of that Akon song ‘I Just Had Sex’ and I imagined this cliché graphic pop song and the music certainly tricks you into thinking that but then if you listen to the lyrics, you realise that this is a song telling of sexualisation in society.
  4. In other cases the music helps convey a sense of typical pop so that the lyrics can mock typical pop. ‘Bubblegum b*tch’ is a fine example. Here she is singing on a very cliché track about being a bubblegum b*tch and it could sound like she’s referring to Cher Lloyd and Katy Perry and that they’re the real bubblegum b*tches.
  5. The upbeat choruses mixed with dark lyrics create a very superficial sense which is a lot more powerful than slow dark music with dark words. I think as a lot of it’s based around suburban housewives in the 1960s shoeing that these housewives who seem to be perfect but are really depressed and lonely and dark

I think it works and the album is amazing.


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