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Oh Warmth. Never leave.

The summer-like weather has struck may like it did in March before the April showers set in. In fact the showers from April continued through May up and now, why just a week ago my mother was looking out the window chanting ‘I hate this weather!’ and the weather was truly awful, It was the sort of rain that lasted days and nights.

And now here we are again in our summer clothes sipping lemonade in the garden and planning barbeques, just a week ago I would be drinking warm tea and shivering indoors.But I can’t fully enjoy the heat and I can’t bathe in the bliss of a blue sky because I know at some point it will leave. It’s like the weekend, we can’t enjoy Friday because we have to work, we can enjoy Saturday but Sunday is a day full of dread and having to prepare for Monday last minute. Well it’s like we’re on Sunday, I want it to drag out for as long as possible like for 3/4 months would be nice, maybe the odd day of rain so we don’t have a hosepipe ban…

My mother and me always talk about moving to another country, one with lots of sunshine and greenery but it’s only a dream. I just feel like the light airy motivated feeling I get from the weather, my mood is certainly effected by the weather and warmth, being able to get up and opening the curtains to see the blue sky full of optimism.

But if the weather was to leave me and soon I will be crushed, however it signifies a great start to a great summer.


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Hello ppl! I'm a teen writer who REALLY wants to be a writer. I like to read books and just generally be creative. Please note that the gravatar thing is by the company gorjuss which (as the name suggests) has gorgeous cards, notebooks,necklaces ect.

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