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If you were an Animal?

Once I met a guy at a party, he was friendly but we didn’t really talk, actually I can’t remember any conversation, or any words shared with him. Mind you, I can’t rember much about that night, only little strands of conversation. Recently he met with mutual friends of mine and they asked what he thought of me. And all he said was that I looked like  a cat.

He didn’t mean I had fur and paws and whiskers, he meant that my face shape and movement ect. was compareable to a cat. I wasn’t offended I mean, cat’s are quite elegant and aren’t repulsive.

But I thought it was weird that someone else does that too, there are people I know who I can’t help but compare to animals. I don’t know what it is but it’s a mixture of face, hair, movement and personality which makes them have similar qualities to some sort of animal. That sounds bad, here’s what I mean.

I used to know a guy who was not obese but he was heavily built with a thick neck, his hair was a sort of grey black and he often put gel in it, which made it look wet all the time. He had a natural glare and he was quite moody and aggressive and every time I looked at his face I saw a shark. I think it was mainly his hair but mixed with his attitude it kind of worked.

I know this girl who needs dental work as she’s missing her canines and she has quite long incisors. Her personality is quite tacky and fake and not everytime I look at her but sometimes I see a rodent of some kind.

Though this seems horrible, people can look pretty in this way too.

I know this girl who is quite tall and holds herself so straight and with such grace despite her height and I think of horses.

I don’t know. I’m messed up. :/



I wrote a poem, read if you wish.

I wrote a poem, read if you wish.

One of my favourite poems which I wrote, it’s called ‘Letting My Heart Go’.

Oh Warmth. Never leave.

The summer-like weather has struck may like it did in March before the April showers set in. In fact the showers from April continued through May up and now, why just a week ago my mother was looking out the window chanting ‘I hate this weather!’ and the weather was truly awful, It was the sort of rain that lasted days and nights.

And now here we are again in our summer clothes sipping lemonade in the garden and planning barbeques, just a week ago I would be drinking warm tea and shivering indoors.But I can’t fully enjoy the heat and I can’t bathe in the bliss of a blue sky because I know at some point it will leave. It’s like the weekend, we can’t enjoy Friday because we have to work, we can enjoy Saturday but Sunday is a day full of dread and having to prepare for Monday last minute. Well it’s like we’re on Sunday, I want it to drag out for as long as possible like for 3/4 months would be nice, maybe the odd day of rain so we don’t have a hosepipe ban…

My mother and me always talk about moving to another country, one with lots of sunshine and greenery but it’s only a dream. I just feel like the light airy motivated feeling I get from the weather, my mood is certainly effected by the weather and warmth, being able to get up and opening the curtains to see the blue sky full of optimism.

But if the weather was to leave me and soon I will be crushed, however it signifies a great start to a great summer.


Marina and the Diamonds had a very controversial style of music when she released her first album, Family Jewels but many worry her new album Electra Heart is just too mainstream. I’m going to explain to you why this is not completely true and why in Marina’s case it works.

  1. FIrstly Marina’s songwriting is key and so the sound wasn’t really her main focus in the Album Interview she said ‘My writing’s definitely autobiographical. I think that’s the only reason I write. If for example other people wrote my songs and I didn’t have the chance to write the lyrics, I don’t think I’d even bother being a singer.I think that’s the only thing that attracted me to music…’
  2. She allowed others have control of her music because she was unhappy writing music on her own so it was a personal benefit to her. This also meant she could focus more on her lyrics.
  3. In some cases it deceives you, seeing the title of ‘Sex, yeah’ I was prompted to think of that Akon song ‘I Just Had Sex’ and I imagined this cliché graphic pop song and the music certainly tricks you into thinking that but then if you listen to the lyrics, you realise that this is a song telling of sexualisation in society.
  4. In other cases the music helps convey a sense of typical pop so that the lyrics can mock typical pop. ‘Bubblegum b*tch’ is a fine example. Here she is singing on a very cliché track about being a bubblegum b*tch and it could sound like she’s referring to Cher Lloyd and Katy Perry and that they’re the real bubblegum b*tches.
  5. The upbeat choruses mixed with dark lyrics create a very superficial sense which is a lot more powerful than slow dark music with dark words. I think as a lot of it’s based around suburban housewives in the 1960s shoeing that these housewives who seem to be perfect but are really depressed and lonely and dark

I think it works and the album is amazing.

Do We Stop Living?

One of the massive curiosities about people playing video games, they want a realistic experience when they shoot a virtual person. In today’s world the standard is high to make the quality of games and the quality of the screen the games  are played on as high as possible, but will it stop these people living?

That stereotypical weakling of a nerd can lift a gun and shoot an advancing enemy with a tap of a key  but in reality he would crumple to the ground at the weight of the gun nevermind hit the enemy. Probably one of the reasons that they have such enjoyment in playing very physical games because it allows them to be able to do things they wouldn’t be able to do in real life.

You can ‘play’ a match of tennis ect. ect. but you spend half an hour playing a virtual game when you could be having the adrenaline, the happiness of playing a real match of tennis under the warm sun instead of being crouched over in a dark cave like vampires.

There are similar problems with games like Tiny Tower, desperately realising we have to check x, y and z and thinking about it like it’s a real buisness but of course it’s not and what will it all lead to? Collecting a hoard of money until you get bored, until you’re done with all the goals? If it were a real buisness you would be able to live a real life more comfortably.

Productivity and creativity can flow from so many other places in the real world. You don’t see old  landscape paintings of a hunched backed obese creature with pale skin and dark circles around its eyes , eyes which are glued to a screen in a dark room filled with televisions and no life forms apart from that creature.


A Frightful Introduction!

Literally while I was about to start typing I looked out of my window to see a fierce cat leaping into our garden body oustreched and bounding after a poor big rabbit sitting in our garden ,chewing on grass minding it’s own buisness.  Do cat’s attack rabbits? I know cat’s are predators and that they are the killers but aren’t rabbits a little too big for them to kill? The rabbit tore off  like there was no tomorrow, poor thing.

Hello, bonjour, hola.  I jsut wanna say hi. What else should I say here? I love to read, write, draw (though I’m not great at all, I draw like a 10 year old ), watch TV, you know all sorts!