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If you were an Animal?

Once I met a guy at a party, he was friendly but we didn’t really talk, actually I can’t remember any conversation, or any words shared with him. Mind you, I can’t rember much about that night, only little strands of conversation. Recently he met with mutual friends of mine and they asked what he thought of me. And all he said was that I looked like  a cat.

He didn’t mean I had fur and paws and whiskers, he meant that my face shape and movement ect. was compareable to a cat. I wasn’t offended I mean, cat’s are quite elegant and aren’t repulsive.

But I thought it was weird that someone else does that too, there are people I know who I can’t help but compare to animals. I don’t know what it is but it’s a mixture of face, hair, movement and personality which makes them have similar qualities to some sort of animal. That sounds bad, here’s what I mean.

I used to know a guy who was not obese but he was heavily built with a thick neck, his hair was a sort of grey black and he often put gel in it, which made it look wet all the time. He had a natural glare and he was quite moody and aggressive and every time I looked at his face I saw a shark. I think it was mainly his hair but mixed with his attitude it kind of worked.

I know this girl who needs dental work as she’s missing her canines and she has quite long incisors. Her personality is quite tacky and fake and not everytime I look at her but sometimes I see a rodent of some kind.

Though this seems horrible, people can look pretty in this way too.

I know this girl who is quite tall and holds herself so straight and with such grace despite her height and I think of horses.

I don’t know. I’m messed up. :/



I wrote a poem, read if you wish.

I wrote a poem, read if you wish.

One of my favourite poems which I wrote, it’s called ‘Letting My Heart Go’.

A Frightful Introduction!

Literally while I was about to start typing I looked out of my window to see a fierce cat leaping into our garden body oustreched and bounding after a poor big rabbit sitting in our garden ,chewing on grass minding it’s own buisness.  Do cat’s attack rabbits? I know cat’s are predators and that they are the killers but aren’t rabbits a little too big for them to kill? The rabbit tore off  like there was no tomorrow, poor thing.

Hello, bonjour, hola.  I jsut wanna say hi. What else should I say here? I love to read, write, draw (though I’m not great at all, I draw like a 10 year old ), watch TV, you know all sorts!